2022 NFF Presidency: Forward With Emeruwa Christian

By By Victor Enyinnaya on 09/05/2022

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Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) is a mini Nigeria in all ramifications. Make no mistake about it. The kind of intrigues that is going on in the larger polity (Nigeria political scene) goes on in NFF also. For the records, the kind of cabal that has turned Nigeria nation upside down is also the same in NFF. I will not go on and on as you have all knew where Iam coming from and going too.      

Truth is that if you are not endorsed by a cabal in Nigerian political terrain, your chances to clinch the Presidency will not see the light of the day. Such system has held Nigeria to her knees to date. Though, this write up is not about an obvious failed state, Nigeria.

This week again we will discuss NFF and this time not about how it aids and abates illegality from employment of a coach that just finished suspension due to bribe taking he confessed to, in short, he took from players and their agents to feature them in the Super Eagles team.

The apex football house is corruption incorporated like it is the case with the entire Nigerian nation.

I started this piece with the body being a mini Nigeria. Therefore every thing that obtains spreads downwards other sectors. This preamble of NFF is very necessary in this context especially for the mutual benefits of those not in firm grips of the happenings in the body all for the wrong of such.   

 This columnist has decided to devote today’s write up for Emeruwa Christian, PhD a thorough breed who does not  take no as an answer. He is suave administrator in every sense of the word. He is also disarmingly unassuming, hard working and great respecter in excellence in the dignity of labour.

I have met him thrice when he was in the Nigeria Football Federation during Bolaji Ojoba’s tenure as Secretary. In short, he worked with or under Ojoba, Musa Ahmadu and the present Secretary Mohammed.  Emeruwa Christian PhD is well grounded administrator all ramifications. His deep sense tailored towards prudent management of men, material and money are some of his strong points as he marches steadily and earnestly towards this all important national rescue mission in NFF Presidency project.  Aside knowing the in and out of the apex football body, he also has administrative acute men of the first order.  He is ready for the top job of rescuing the fast declining and drowning Nigerian football.

Going forward this well qualified Nigerian has thrown his hat into the pool to vie for the Presidency of the NFF.  To be honest with you, it is great and good news to note that a personality without any atom of baggage on him. He has made up his mind to come on this rescue mission for Nigerian football.

A man who will in collaboration with other like minds do things differently for the good of our football and the good of the game also. Least I forget, he is currently in Cairo, Egypt headquarters of Confederation of African Football (CAF) where he now works.  He has confirmed his entry in the race via his verified twitter handle.

Emeruwa Christian, PhD is a round peg in around hole. As he has said, he is still consulting wide on this project. He is an intelligent man of high repute. If he wins the Presidency of the NFF definitely fresh and resounding air will take hold in the already polluted football house arena, in and out of the entire surroundings.

Let me be honest with you that if you have been a regular reader of this page every Monday, you will agree that just few weeks ago, I made passionate appeal for well grounded and interested ex-internationals to take deep look at how our football is steadily dropping and come in handy and vie for the top positions in the federation. I did also extended the appeal to other well meaning patriotic football inclined Nigerians to come out decisively to contest for especially the Presidency of the body.

One is so glad to note that Emeruwa Christian, PhD who knew the workings of NFF and our football like his palms heeded and as an establishment man he will succeed. His coming is not to challenge the locusts who have already indicated their interests to continue the senseless draining of our once upon a time fast growing and flourishing football before their arrival in NFF where they have milked dry and dried up our football from functioning smoothly and properly too.

These fellows that have indicated their interests to seek re-election in 2022 are worthless, deceitful and highly fraudulent in every true meaning of the word. Make no mistake about it or mince words. I won’t refer to them as rogues like the Nigerian politicians. They are two of a kind. Birds of the feather if you like. These are not my words but that of Nigerian football fans and largely Nigerians.

The best that would happen to Nigeria’s football is wholeheartedly back Emeruwa Christian, PhD and this his vivid and legitimate mission to rescue Nigerian football other ex-internationals interested in the rescuing via sound administration of the sport to  come out boldly  and mount the saddle. Our football is in dared need of such men and women of outstanding qualities. Emeruwa Christian, PhD is courageously leading the pack. Nigerian football needs such fresh pollution free air in NFF and its other organs for proper organisation the game to grow and produce visible results.

One obvious thing is sure and that is, like the larger political scene in the country, these already discredited and failed football administrators will fight back with all within their arsenal to stop this fresh blood coming to take over the leadership of the half strength and already confused NFF.

It won’t be an easy mission we all knew. The present leadership as emperors will surely resist any attempt to dislodge them just like that. It is the norm everywhere and emperors are always ruthless and it won’t be different here.  They will definitely want their likes to succeed them.

However, this columnist believes that with depth planning, determination, focus and direction it is doable to displace this old and tire order accordingly.

Our ex-internationals must rally round this beacon Emeruwa Christian, PhD to democratically take over the leadership of the NFF. Our ex-internationals with depth passion to administer football at the highest level in the country must come out boldly from their shells, stop sitting on the fence. Stop being at the mercy of these oppressors of our football who subject them to mere technical and development committee membership appointment and rally support for Emeruwa Christian, PhD who is not a pretender or a nobody in football circle in Nigeria and beyond he is currently working in CAF.

Our football is in deep crisis and needs rescue from honest and competent fellows led by Emeruwa Christian, PhD.  However, my candid appeal to other honest and selfless well meaning Nigerians with great, true interest and love for Nigerian football at heart to come out openly and support this paradigm shift in the evolution of football administration in Nigeria for the first time. He is sure footed.

The present executive committee members interested in continuing in office would never fold their hands looking. They will fight back either gamely or with anything within their reach to ensure they retain power and their other likes will support them wholesale. They have deep pockets too. Let us not forget that they have acquired much money to prosecute election which is a money induced venture in Nigeria no matter the level or colour of the election. Surely they will. They are desperate lots. The possible way to vote them out would be for the new breeds interested to rescue our football to pool themselves together for this uphill task ahead.

 My take here therefore is that all hands must be on deck to democratically change this old and arrogant order that has bedeviled our football development these while.

This newspaper will keep her eagle eyes on this as usual and keep our numbers readers posted. Keep shooting hard till next week. Meanwhile we wait!!




Source Daily Sports Nigeria

Posted on May, 9 2022

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