Yes it’s good. Especially now and after this tournament. We lost in the final, but everyone recognizes our very good work. But it’s also thanks to the players and we can’t do anything without them. We are only coaches, we are not geniuses. I am happy. I am grateful to them and also to the staff. It’s hard work and it’s even harder in Africa. The players believed in us and gave their best, even those who didn’t play. And I apologize to those I was unable to satisfy, particularly in terms of playing time. I have always worked and chosen for the best in the national selection. If I could, I would have put 25 players on the field each time. Because they all had the potential to play. Thanks to them.

Do you enjoy the work of a coach more than that of a club coach?

These are different contexts. I like both. Before, I liked clubs more because we are in contact with the players on a daily basis. But I adapted to this new role as coach. I would say that I love both jobs equally. Coaching also means choosing players, watching a lot of matches throughout the week. But in both cases, we remain a coach. It’s the best activity in the world. It’s very motivating and it gives us a lot of emotion. In fact, the most important thing for me is the project.

What can we wish you for the future?

Earn. I would like to play in the World Cup, I would like to work in England, work in Brazil… I have already been to many countries. Nine countries and four continents. All the experiences I’ve had, I’ve enjoyed. Because there were connections and emotions, even in the teams where we did not have good results. I would like to continue working, with projects where we will be able to aim for success. And where I will continue to do my job because I love football.